Adam Sandler, the Times Square Elmo who shares his name with this guy and was arrested for disorderly conduct this fall after giving anti-semitic rants to tourists, says he doesn’t want to be associated with groping Super Mario, that other infamously arrested Times Square mascot. “I’m not the groper,” he told the Daily News.

In fact, Sandler says he’s so fed up with the nasty mascot associations that he’s leaving New York for good, packing his things and heading off to Hawaii. “I’m moving to Honolulu to do Elmo,” he said. “There’s too many people doing it here.”

The recent underage allegations surrounding Kevin Clash, Elmo’s puppeteer on Sesame Street, aren’t helping either, according to Sandler, who said people were “yelling slurs at [him], calling [him] a pedophile, saying [he] couldn’t be trusted around children” after the scandal.

But anti-semitic Elmo would like you to know that he’s above all that. In fact, Sandler’s so classy, he won’t even indulge women when they throw themselves at him, which we’re sure happens all the time (look at that handsome face). “I’ve had women wanting to wrap their legs around me. When we’re in the costume, women want us,” he told the New York Post. “One woman asked me to touch her breast. I wouldn’t do it.”

(Photo: ANIMALNewYork)