Stefanie Gray attempted to make history yesterday by hitting every New York City subway station in under the world-record time: 22 hours, 5 minutes, and 10 seconds. Unfortunately, when she rolled in to the 6 platform at Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall at 7:20 p.m., it had been a grueling 31 hours.

Gray was attempting the record to protest the looming MTA fare hike, encouraging people to sign a petition that urges Governor Cuomo to restore the $260 million in lost transit funding that the hike is intended to cover. From the beginning, she argued that even if she missed the record, she’d still be proving her point. “If I don’t win, it’s going to be disappointing,” she said before the run, “but it backs up our message that we’re paying more for less.”

The scrappy straphanger maintained that message after her failed bid, noting an unexplained police evacuation at the Canal Street N station, an overnight outage on the M train, and a 40 minute delay on the A train. She adds that since the 2010 record run, “we’ve lost two train lines, 36 bus lines and a lot of service frequency.”

An MTA representative rebuffed Gray’s claims. “There’s a reason it’s not easy to set a new record for hitting 468 subway stations in a system that runs 24 hours a day when there are basketballs falling onto tracks, tripping  trains’ emergency brakes, there are police investigations we can’t control and signal problems we try to fix as fast as possible,” said Adam Lisberg, adding, “f she’s saying that service is worse now than in 2010, she’s just wrong.”

(Photo: Bruno Belcastro/Flickr)