The world’s most powerful artist is continuously watched and censored by the Chinese government. Last year, he was kidnapped and detained for 80 days last year for “tax” and “porn” reasons. Ai’s a funny guy. On the one-year anniversary of his abduction, Ai ironically installed four “surveillance” cameras in his home for streaming at — over his bed, over his computer, in his studio and in his courtyard. The government had them shut down, ArtInfo reports. Yes, really. The 15 surveillance outside Ai’s home remain, making it the most watched road in Beijing, and his phone is still tapped. Irony upon irony.

Kudos to Ai. Put him on house rest and he spoofs his 80-day detention via a Skype-directed nude photo shoot at Rikers. Threaten him with trumped up charges, and he becomes a martyr of truth and valor. Funny guy, huh?