Ai Weiwei
Gangnam Style

10.24.12 Marina Galperina

Aw, internet! For me? Why, thank you! Here’s Ai Weiwei and a posse of friends and art studio comrades busting out some moves, Gangnam style! The dissident badass adds some special flair to the South Korean rapper PSY’s mega-viral uber-hit with hot pink shirt and snazzy handcuff accessories, ever so subtly (not!) hinting at the time the artist spent kidnapped and imprisoned by Chinese government goons.

It’s titled “Cao Ni Ma” style and as our friend the Ai-expert Kyle Chayka explains, it refers to the Chinese euphemism/meme (euphememe?) “Grass Mud Horse, a phrase used to get past internet censors that sounds the same as ‘fuck your mother.'”