Filthy pornographer, bigamist, tax evader, illegal fundraiser, exhibitionist, and social media terrorist Ai Weiwei is in trouble again, as the Chinese government officials are about to shut down his Fake Cultural Development design firm for failing to re-register… which he couldn’t do because the Chinese government officials had confiscated documents he needs to re-register. Derp.

Last week, the dissident artist who spent 80 days in secretive captivity and was beat up severely and repeatedly by the Chinese police had lost his final appeal last week and is expected to pay a suspicious $2.4m tax evasion fine. Ai and his wife filed a lawsuit against the tax bureau for various violations pertaining to evidence, documents and witnesses.

“They have no sense of shame,” Ai said. “Thats the way they survive.”

(Image: Ai Weiwei Never Sorry, still)