Ai Weiwei Sues the IRS of China

Your taxes are due tomorrow, champ. Aw. But don’t get sad. So, you waited ’till the last day and now you got a bureaucratic mountain of shit to scale and you feel like hiding under your bed. Don’t be a wimp. Check out Ai Weiwei: The dissident artist is suing the Chinese IRS for fining his company Beijing Fake Cultural Development 15 million RMB ($2.4 million) last year without witness testimonies or evidence.

He says, “their actions were illegal and violated regulations” throughout the whole process. That’s a good attitude, considering that the trumped up tax evasion charge was just a retroactive excuse for Ai Weiwei’s kidnapping and 81-day detention, followed up release, severe censorship and surveillance by the Chinese government authorities, all because he criticized the regime.

Are you seriously still whining? Did you ever get beat up by the police for reporting being beat up by the police? Shut up and do your taxes.