“Ai, who is married, also denies the charge of bigamy. He openly meets a girlfriend and has a three-year-old son from that relationship,” Reuters reports. Off with his head!

This newest development really brings us back to 2011, when China’s rebel artist superstar Ai Weiwei disappeared for a few months… because his legal counsel Liu Xiaoyuan has just vanished after meeting with security officials. And this really reminds us of those silly pornography charges… as it’s more of the same silly pornography charges.

“We never even touched each other,” Ai explains. “It’s nothing. Nobody will say that’s pornography. I asked them why this is pornography. They said under our policy, if there’s nudity, if people try to open a file many times, like over 1,000 times, that’s pornography. They have a law like that, which is ridiculous.”

Ai was blocked from attending a court hearing about his tax “crimes.” The artist says that several patrol cars were parked outside his studio–likely the most government surveillance monitored spot in China–and was told by the cops, “You can never make it. Don’t even try.”

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry, in theaters soon, ok?