Occubilly is the Occupy Movement’s Answer to the Cramps

New political rock trio Occubilly Bro’s took to the streets of Brooklyn and the Financial District to film an awesomely low-budget music video. Check out their anti-coporate psychobilly anthem “Crashed it, Stashed it!” named for Wall Street’s uncanny knack for money-disappearing magic tricks.

The band consists of three all-around badasses: Singer Rayford Cletus “Ray C” Mohamed, Guitarist Tweedy Boss and drummer Blondie “Chopsticks” Page, who got her nickname from a 2-year stint in Riker’s when she used to smuggle in chinese chopsticks to play drums on her jail cell toilet, or so the legend goes.

The video has been floating around on since April, but it only just recently began gaining some visibility on the internet. We can’t possibly understand why it took so long — everything from the irate lyrics to the green-tinted Anonymous and the golden bull masks is pure satirical genius. Some of the more noteworthy lines include:

“Cops can use their billy clubs, tear gas, or mace
But my ass was already kicked by JP Morgan Chase
It was homicide by Countrywide and Angelo Mozilo
Citigroup and Boeing made us all bite the pillow”


(Photo: Facebook)