In an era where we are still mourning polaroids, tintype is often written off as a lost form of photography, overshadowed by the immediate gratification of digital. Documentary filmmaker and photography enthusiast Matt Morris created a four minute documentary on Wilmington-based tintype photographer Harry Taylor. See him do work now-ancient technology, fiddling with plates and chemicals, one meticulous step at a time, just like the olden days… Patience, pretty goth girl. Patience.

In the poignant video, Taylor discusses the restrictions created when working with tintype, as well as the liberation that comes with getting away from digital static bombardment. Morris follows the details of Taylor’s process juxtaposing the visuals with photographer’s sentimental analysis of it.

This man’s passion for the medium is enough to keep your attention for 4 whole minutes and nowadays, that’s saying something.┬áCheck out more of Taylor’s work here.