Amy — Blue is the title of The National Portrait Gallery’s newest acquisition. The portrait of the infamous British songstress Amy Winehouse was recently bought by the gallery with support from Art Fund and will go on display today. The piece was created by renowned artist Marlene Dumas shortly after the singer’s death, in July 2011.

Done in oil-on-canvas, the portrait is a tight, melancholy close-up and is done entirely in blue tones with pink and white accents.

Dumas, originally from Cape Town, South Africa, is currently based in Amsterdam. Her technique involves using photographs which she re-envisions as abstract paintings, as is the case with Amy—Blue. The painting has been positively received, especially by Winehouse’s family.

Dumas representation of the famed Brit, is the first painted portrait acquired by the Gallery. They already feature two photos of the singer by by Mischa Richter and Venetia Dearden.

Nice detail on the signature smeared cat-eye.