And Now, Presidents With Boobs on Their Faces

12.12.12 Marina Galperina

“I was doodling breasts on napkins, coffee coasters, on everything really, everywhere I went,” 24-year-old New York artist Emily Deutchman tells NY MagShe wanted to create a loaded series, something people would project their own intent, imbue with their own meaning. And so, Presidents With Boob Faces was born.

Marvel at Obama’s ear-boobage, Bill Clinton’s breasty nose, a beard of teeny titties clustered on Abe Lincoln’s face, Reagon’s low-hanging cheek-boobs. Also, the George W. is particularly pointy. I mean, pointed.

“My method normally is to draw the face first without boobs and then work the breasts into the portrait. Bush was the exception. I just couldn’t not make his whole head a boob. It was just too tempting.”

Art is in the eye of the boob holder, as they say.