Finally, Andy Kaufman — comedian, performance artist (?), self-proclaimed “a song-and-dance man,” wrestler of ladies, an Elvis… — is getting the recognition he deserves from the Art World. Maccarone Gallery is exhibiting his extensive personal collection of thousands of pieces of hate mail, performance notes, videos of unseen performances, his record collection and more Kaufmania.

Curator/artist Jonathan Berger explains:

It’s more about questions than about statements. How can we, the contemporary art culture or the comedy field, acknowledge the work of those whose genre or format we don’t understand? His influence on contemporary art is undeniable, and this show acknowledges that. It’s a fact that he’s influenced people like Paul McCarthy, Mike Kelley, Trisha Donnelly, Laurie Simmons and Maurizio Cattelan.

Yes! Yes!

And there will be panels! With appearances by the actual Tony Clifton (ahem ahem), “comedian Bob Zmuda, wrestler Johnny Legend, Kaufman protégé Little Wendy, transcendental meditation expert Prudence Farrow Bruns” many more. If you only know him as Latka on Taxi… You’re in for a trip. Sample videos of Andy antics below for n00bs. “On Creating Reality, by Andy Kaufman”, Jan 12 – Feb 16, Maccarone Gallery with screening at Participant Inc. and at MoMA PS1, New York