Do you want to make things with us? Want to get sent out on adventures, write, and wreak some culture up on this site?

ANIMAL is Seeking Editorial Interns for the Fall.

Ideal candidates are available daily — whether working remotely our from our office — have journalism/blogging experience or other valid demonstration of strong writing/thinking/not-bullshitting/speed and efficiency skills. Ideally, we’re looking for people who know their way around WordPress, Photoshop, and most importantly, the streets of New York City. Oh, you can take pictures too? Great! Self-motivated, detail-oriented, curious people who care about the city, art, film, graffiti, activism, weird stuff and happenings are wanted.

Editorial Intern Duties Include:

  • Finding fresh and inspiring content online and IRL.
  • Writing blog posts.
  • Working on full original stories. Real journalism.
  • Transcripts and maybe watering our plants once in awhile or something.

If interested, please e-mail a quick cover letter, resume, availability, school info and, most importantly, links to 5-10 things you’ve written, plus stuff you’ve made if you have other creative interests and links to your personal page/Twitter/whatever looks clever, if you like. Pitch with the subject “Editorial Intern Application.” Application deadline: September 4th, 2012. This is a paid internship. You do not need to be in school. No cowards wanted.

Our previous interns have edited a viral Russian dash-cam car crash supercut, designed pictogram icons for a history of NY subway deaths and the ANIMAL stickers (pictured above), deconstructed “the mafia pizza” recipe, visited a Mariachi Academy in East Harlem, spent a night in a mini art dome in a park, told the Boy Scouts they can keep their medals, interviewed the cast of “Copper,”  and hung out with freaky circus peeps who hang shrunken heads from their scrotums.

We’re also looking for freelance writers.
Pitch Bucky here.