ANIMAL Has No Great Transit of Venus Photos

I went to the roof of the Strand Hotel last night to see if I could catch the black speck moving across the sun that only happens every century or so: the Transit of Venus. I had a little pinhole viewer and a huge, complicated camera, and I was all hyped up on Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Transit of Venus tweets. (Did you know there have been 258 total solar eclipses in the era of the telescope? There have been eight Venus transits.) I scoped out a prime spot for either photographing my pinhole viewer, or photographing a bunch of people looking through pinhole viewers, grabbed a glass of wine, and waited. And, well, it was a really, really cloudy evening. Sorry.

Instead, here’s a Transit of Venus cookie that Nasa posted on Instagram (it kind of looks like a boob):

(Top photo: Butupa/Flickr)