ANIMAL x Pig Destroyer:
Pug Destroyer Tee

11.16.12 Andy Cush

ANIMAL and Pig Destroyer proudly present you the official Pug Destroyer t-shirt, now available for pre-order on Pig Destroyer’s online store.

Last week, ANIMAL created a parody video for a parody band we called Pug Destroyer, in which screeching, squealing pooches provide lead vocals on a brootal death metal jam. A few days later, Pig Destroyer–the very real and very awesome grindcore band that partially inspired our video–saw the clip and liked it enough that they contacted us about making some pug-themed merch. And at only $18, the shirt is a steal, and it’s for a good cause: all proceeds will benefit Pug Rescue of Florida.

And just in case you missed the video the first time around, or if you just can’t get enough of these heavy metal canines, here’s it is again for your listening pleasure.

Put ’em on your Christmas lists, people.