Art and design studio “Universal Everything” has created a new genre of visual art that combines the creative practices of illustration and animation with motion-capture technology. Founder Matt Pyke calls it “Video-Sculpture” and its rad. Using high-frame rate motion tracking, they first record the movements of various subjects including one tai-chi master, later applying their psychedelic visuals on top.

The work of interactive director Mike Tucker, sound designer Simon Pyke, and animation director Chris Perry is defined by fluid gestures and pulsating colors. The crew was invited to Korea for their latest project, a collaboration with Hyundai entitled “Made by Humans” that follows the movements of a dancer leaving behind sweeping rainbow-colored light-trails. The production, which is played back on a life-size screen, seeks “to emphasize the importance of the human in the industrial/manufacturing environment.” Both visually stunning and technologically cutting-edge, these animations really do seem to have a mind of their own.