New Yorkers Still Bracing for Hurricane Irene

05.29.12 David Lumb

“Strolls through 11 neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens in recent weeks turned up scores of windows similarly decorated, and in every case where a resident or neighbor was interviewed, that person said the tape had been placed in anticipation of the storm.
Not that it made a bit of difference. “It is a waste of effort, time and tape,” the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration offers in answer to the frequently asked question, “Should I tape my windows when a hurricane threatens?”
“It offers little strength to the glass and NO protection against flying debris,” the weather agency writes, adding, somewhat presciently, “After the storm passes, you will spend many a hot summer afternoon trying to scrape the old, baked-on tape off your windows (assuming they weren’t shattered).”

New Yorkers lament the symbolic uselessness of the taped x’s that still stretch across windows nine months after Irene drifted out of the Northeast, in The New York Times article “Still Suffering Last Summer’s Storm Anticipation Damage.”

(Photo: marklyon/Flickr)