Dozens of people gathered at Macy’s flagship Herald Square store this afternoon to voice their objection to the retailer’s associations with Donald Trump. The protest, which had participants chanting, holding signs, and cutting up their Macy’s credit cards, was held in conjunction with a 650,000-plus-signature petition urging the company to stop carrying Trump’s signature¬†clothing line and featuring the man in advertisements.

“We thought it would be important to show that there are real people that are signing the petition,” Angelo Carusone, who organized the petition and protest, told ANIMAL. “People that are actually disappointed in Macy’s decision to build their brand on top of Trump’s bigoted bullying.”

“No matter how you slice it and dice it–whether it’s his sexism, whether it’s intimidation, whether it’s the racist implications of some of the things he says, it all down to bullying,” he added.

Carrusone said he e-mailed with the CEO of Macy’s, but that the executive dismissed the petition-signers’ concerns.

And though Carrusone takes umbrage with Trump and the way he conducts himself, he has no issue with the mogul’s much-ballyhooed coif. “I have my own hair issues, so I don’t have to make fun of him for that,” he said. “Plus, then I’d be a bully, too.”

(Photo: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork)