Doomsday is fast approaching and in that spirit, here’s today WTF news: Local officials in charge of Pic de Bugarach, a mountain in France said to be an Apocalyptic alien pick-up site, have closed the location for December 21, in an effort to avoid an onslaught of believers, or more likely, the journalists that will swarm around said believers.

According to a widespread Apocalypse theory, on Judgement Day the great mountain will open and aliens will come to rescue the lucky few huddled around it. What do they mean by “mountain will open” beats us, but we’ll hold off on ridiculing the theory considering the geological anomalies surrounding the location. Unlike most mountains, the peak has older rocks on top than on the bottom. According to scientific speculations, the peak inverted and collapsed during an eruption causing the change in the order.

√Čric Freysselinard, Prefect of the Aude department in south-central France cited safety issue as the cause for closure. Anyone attempting to get through to the mountain, will have to deal with 100 police officers and firefighters. Despite all around curiosity, the authorities’ decision is hardly unexpected considering the constantly rising number of doomsday preppers that that been flocking to Pic de Bugarach.