Conceptual installation artist Patrick Cadenhead is turning Park Slope’s Open Source Gallery into soapy, sudsy “multi-sensory meditation on religion, laundry, and our denial of decay.” May’s exhibit will feature wooden panels coated with Tide and borax crystals, a set of speakers pumping laundromat sounds throughout the space and — for “a fountain element” — a washing machine-like apparatus to gurgle up suds. The smell of detergent will be strong and “slightly uncomfortable.”

Ah, it’s your banal, relatable ritual, re-contextualized in an art gallery so you meditate on it, and exaggerated into a sensory experience so you’re overwhelmed. Looks like Cadenhead is making church. Enter the space on May 5th for intense cleansing inside your dirty, guilty soul. “Spring and Renewal,” Patrick Cadenhead, May 6 – Jun 3, Open Source Gallery, Park Slope