Artist Makes Weapons From Tax Deductible Cash So The Army Can't

04.10.12 Marina Galperina

Artist Chad Person was teaching a digital photography class near a military base and failing a student whose $400 tuition was being paid by the Air Force. The kid would have to pay the Air Force out of pocket for failing the course, so Person passed him with an A+ as “a rare opportunity to take a little back from our government’s excessive defense spending,” lest the money goes back into the military budget to make weapons. Similarly, for the last two years, he’s been deducting $100 bills as art supply expenses and slicing up the cash into detailed collages of tanks and fighter jets, instead of de facto funding their manufacture. Taxcut, get it?

I deduct my material expenditures as a write off. If I slice up a hundred dollars to make an image, or a thousand, or just five, I am taking it out of the IRS coffers. Imaging the weaponry that I’m not buying with those dollars is a reminder for me that a little creativity can be quite empowering.

Ah, a crafty pacifist.