Wanted Artist Puts Up “Wanted” Posters for Obama and Romney

Essam, the street artist responsible for putting up over 100 counterfeit NYPD signs advertising the department’s use of drones around the city last month, to foster a dialogue about the controversial military tactic, has begun his latest information campaign: wanted posters featuring police composite-style sketches of the two men currently vying for to become Commander-in-Chief of our country. According to Essam, he’s already put roughly 1,000 of his new posters up around Brooklyn and the East Village, and he’s planning on distributing 1,000 more. “They don’t have a long lifespan,” Essam told ANIMAL, “as I’m sure you can imagine.”

As a resolute libertarian, Essam believes Obama and Romney are “essentially the same,” and that neither are fit to be president. “It’s important for us to discuss the similarities between the two candidates who are seemingly our only choices this election,” he said. “We as a nation outwardly project an image of honest and transparent dialogue yet deem two people of incredibly low moral character worthy of running our nation. The point needs to be made that the illusion of only having two candidates to choose from is exactly that, an illusion. The lesser of two evils is a choice akin to death by stoning or hanging.”

ANIMAL took to the East Village to document some of the posters.

(Photos: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork)