Artist To Build A Living Room Mid-Air Around The Columbus Circle Statue

Come September, you won’t see the Christopher Columbus statue at Columbus Circle from the street. Artist Tatzu Nishi will build a fully furnished living room around it, on top of scaffolding, six stories high.

Tatzu Nishi’s famous project has him plopping house parts all over famous high statues and cupolas world-wide. “He realized that despite its central location the Columbus statue is barely visible, a solitary figure hiding in plain sight atop a column some 70 feet in the air,” Public Art Fund director Nicholas Baume says.

Starting September 20th, you can take six flights of the stairs or ride the elevator and have a rare gawk at Columbus “in your living room,” casually protruding through the floor between a couch, a TV, some lamps and a coffee table. Quirky.

You can also have a rare gawk at some really great Central Park views from indoors. Fancy.

(Photo: Gane/Flickr)