Artists’ Short Film About Hijacking a Chernobyl Carousel

A while ago, a group of ANIMAL favorites — artist duo Eva and Franco Mattes of 0100101110101101.org, photographer Tod Seelie and other inspired crazies went to Chernobyl and smuggled out a “radioactive” carousel, reassembling it in a public park in Manchester. Now see their short film Let Them Believe about the feat. “If the world was on fire, why not give the people one last ride?”

The artists were on Tarkovsky Stalker kick. There’s that very Mattes veil of fiction around everything, as they scavenge around Pripyat for “things no longer missed” and through its near-eternal, invisible hot spots of radiation. Sometimes, there were close calls.

Watch the short film by Todd Chandler and Jeff Stark here.