In yet another blow to the idea that the NYPD’s controversial stop-and-frisk policy is an effective way to lower gun violence, DNAinfo released police statistics showing that as use of the of the practice declined this year, so did the number of shooting incidents.

From DNAinfo:

Gun violence in the Big Apple has declined by 8.4 percent, from 1,457 shooting incidents last year, to 1,335 this year, police statistics through Dec. 16 show. Meanwhile, the number of stops declined by 30 percent during the last two quarters, from 331,135 to 239,922, according to NYPD data.

A police source highlighted other department practices that may have led to the downturn in violence, and told the site that the data calls stop-and-frisk’s effectiveness into question.

“It’s the use of cops and Impact Zones, targeted deployment and building cases against these crews that will be the reasons for the drop in shootings,” the NYPD official said. “To a large degree it debunks the line that stop-and-frisks prevented shootings.”

(Photo: joshkehn/Flickr)