The city’s Animal Care and Control database has allegedly been acting pretty glitchy, and the consequences have been deadly for at least a dozen innocent cats. Noble, Rhoda, and Tooperina are just a few of the feline fatalities who had been promised to adopters before being erroneously euthanized when the computer system didn’t recognize the online adoptions.

The system is supposed to work like so: at 5:00 PM every night, the agency posts a list of the animals from the database who are set to be killed the following day. Potential adopters have until 6:00 AM on D-Day to adopt an animal. Unfortunately, however, a number of would-be cat owners elected to adopt and, though their requests were made within the appropriate timeframe and though they made it to the confirmation page of the ACC website, they never received email confirmations, and the cats were exterminated. Said P.J. McKosky of Brooklyn’s Empty Cages Collective, “They’re using the animals as guinea pigs. They’re working out the kinks without a safety net, and that’s resulted in deaths.”

For their part, the ACC claims the error was with the users, not the computers. “Every time we are noticing problems, it is user error,” says Julie Bank of ACC, “They forgot to press the submit button. They walked away, and the computer timed out.”

An ACC whistleblower who resigned over the animal deaths claims otherwise. She says the new system is totally unreliable, and not only were claimed cats put down, but some animals never made it to the website where they could have been saved from euthanasia. Furthermore, some animals that had already been killed would show up as adoptable. I can only hope Tooperina et al are haunting the shit out of everyone responsible.

(Photo: Ryan O’Hara/Flickr)