You’ve seen Jeremy Geddes intricate surrealist paintings of floating astronauts, girls bursting through bedroom windows and tangles of bodies exploding sides of buildings on every Tumblr ever. Now go to the Jonathan LeVine Gallery and see them in real life.

Two new simultaneous shows opening at LeVine feature two Australian artists making their American debut in Chelsea. Ashley Wood’s paintings are like the downer compliment, depicting more gestural human forms, highly suggestive and shrouded in darkness.

Curiously, there’s no press release on the site but the gallery site, but there is this heft artist-on-artist feature over at Juxtapoz with Wood complimenting Geddes so we don’t have to: “In the flesh you can really see the history in your paintings, each idea leaving its mark on the later layers of paint, a build-up of multiple palimpsests that all inform the final painting.”

“Exhale” &”Machine Sabbath”, October 20—November 17, Jonathan LeVine Gallery (Images: Arrested Motion)