‘Average Joe’ Crowd-Sourcing to Win Hirst’s Spot Challenge

02.06.12 Marina Galperina

Damien Hirst’s treasure hunt for rich people who like dots goes on! So far, 18 deep-pocketed jet-setters like this Russian weirdo went to all 11 Gagosian Galleries in all 8 countries to get their card stamped for a free print of Hirst’s hated spots. Let’s all root for young #AverageJoe or Josef O’Connor who shares my Hirst-hate and has almost crowd-sourced his way to a win, just to prove a point!

UK’s teenage gallerista turned young artist has sold enough £20 (~$30) “shares”/artworks to fund his journey and accompanying documentary — he’s about to hit Gagosian 5 in Geneva. See, “Joe” knows that this treasure hunt is “a reward scheme for the rich,” and his crowd-sourcing seems like a kind of zeitgeisty, reactionary “fuck you” to the Art World that worships boring dots… that are only stimulating if you’re their dealer, a wee child or, maybe, a baked art blogger.

It’s too late to buy a share, but maybe you can give this gent a ride or something and feel good. He’s splitting his days traveling, Gawkgosianing and editing the documentary, which we can’t wait to see.