Authorities say they have caught up with the Brooklyn bank robber who hit three banks in a half hour last week. Twenty-two-year-old Robert J. Williams is a self-described magician and escape artist, among whose claims to fame is his record for having eaten a household lightbulb in 33.86 seconds last year. Among his claims to infamy are the six banks he’s robbed, including the three last week.

Our Harry Houdini was arrested on Wednesday when he returned to the Apple Bank he robbed at about 2:15 last Friday afternoon. He was writing a demand note as per his M.O. when he was recognized by a bank teller who was there last week. Reports indicate Williams disappeared (for lack of a better word) when he realized he’d been spotted, and presto-changeo, slipped into a disguise for his escape. Bank employees espied him, told police, who picked him up Williams on East 10th Street and Avenue P.

Did they put handcuffs on him? Did Williams wriggle free from the manacles? Magicians never reveal their secrets.