Banksy Sperm Thief Goes to Trial

08.17.12 Marina Galperina

There once was a well-seen Banksy piece on the wall of the four-star Hesperia Hotel in central London. And then, there wasn’t, because a silly gent decided to remove the fourteen sperms swarming around a fire alarm with an angle grinder. He tried to sell it on eBay for $26K. See, Banksy remains the only street artist with such stringent stencil protection services and the big to-do made over anytime one of his works gets accidentally damaged for some reason, so tsk-tsk for one 32-year-old Leon Lawrence as legal wrath awaits. He didn’t even get to sell the damn thing because Pest Control never authenticated it. Well, womp womp, hack.

(Photo: Alex Ellison/Flickr)