Barclays Brings Rare Yellow Cab Sightings to Brooklyn

10.29.12 Andy Cush

Getting a cab from Manhattan to Brooklyn is a historically shaky proposition–it often involves hopping in before the driver has a chance to tell you “no,”–and actually getting picked up in BK is all but impossible, unless you happen to catch a cabbie on his way back to the city. The arrival of the Barclays Center, however, might change all that.

A report conducted by the New York Times suggests that on event nights at the arena, hacks are more willing to make the trek out east, and even cruise for rides in the surrounding neighborhoods. On the night of the first Jay-Z concert, for example there were 188 pickups from 8 p.m to 11 p.m.–a 70 percent increase compared to an average Friday. Barbara Streisand’s recent Barclays shows saw a similar increase. Sports arenas in other boroughs have not seen the same bump. When Madonna played Yankees stadium last month, for example, there were only seven pickups, and when the tennis U.S. Open came to Flushing, there were four.

City taxi commissioner David Yassky hopes that eventually, taxi service in Brooklyn will become an everyday reality, whether or not there’s an event. “If a taxi is dropping somebody off at the Jay-Z concert, there’ll be a passenger there hailing it,” he said. “But that same passenger is there on nights where there’s no Jay-Z concert.”

(Photo: Lucas Richarz/Flickr)