When the Barclays Center came to Brooklyn, a lot of worries came with it, including trepidations about traffic, the rising cost of living, and the arena’s inaccessibility to the community. Not among those concerns, so far as I know, was rampant public urination. And yet, here we are.

At a community meeting this week, several north Park Slope and Fort Greene residents complained about the numbers of people who have peed outside in their neighborhoods since the new arena moved in. City Council members Letitia James and Stephen Levin corroborated that account, saying their offices have been flooded by complaints about shameless bladder-emptying.

One resident, who tends to the Brooklyn Bears Community Garden on Pacific Street and Flatbush Avenue, said her experience with public pissers has been particularly stinky, relaying a story of a man attempting to answer the call of the wild onto her greenery on Barclays’s opening night. “He was about to release himself on the bushes and I told him, ‘Hey, the plants!,” said Michelle R. “He was right by the rose bushes, poor babies, a few feet from the grape vines I planted this year.”

(Photo: Blue387/Flickr)