She’s sorry. The woman whose rampaging fists, bare ass and projectile urination caused $10,000 worth of dammage to a giant painting at the Clyfford Still Museum in Denver, Colorado finally talked to the press. One Ms. Tisch says she remembers nothing. Very, very high on bath salts, she blacked out and the next thing she knew she’s in jail, “in shock” while the cops are measuring her urine puddle for evidence.

The “vandal” says she’s just glad she didn’t kill anyone. Or, you know, eat someone’s face.

It remains the “worst night of her life” and, as an artist herself, she’s very ashamed.

The story is wrought with psych wards, jail stints and general sadness. She has no idea how or why she ended up at the art museum, so let the silver lining of this story be that perhaps, mid a bath salt bender, it was her ardent, chemically misguided passion for art that manifested as a storm on Still. Passion.