The crane at One57 West 57th Street, which snapped in the winds of Hurricane Sandy and dangled precariously along the side of the building for days afterward, was secured earlier this month. But the fun’s not over yet: thanks to Le Parker Meridien Hotel executive chef Emile Castillo, it’s been immortalized as a five-foot-tall gingerbread cookie. The confectionary tribute is part of the hotel’s annual gingerbread show, which showcases landmarks from around the world and benefits City Harvest.

And given Le Parker Meridien’s proximity to One57, it was something more personal Sandy-driven zeitgeist that inspired Castillo to craft the crane. “We were originally going to do the Statue of Liberty,” he told DNAinfo, “but when the crane fell, I saw it. I was here. We were evacuated. It makes sense.”

(Photo: DNAinfo)