I won’t spoil the big reveal at the end of the above video by describing how it works, but I will say this: the invisible bike helmet is the real deal. Equal parts functional tool and surrealist artifact, Hövding (or “chief,” in English, so far as we can tell) is “ergonomic, it’s practical, it complies with all the safety requirements, and it’s also subtle and blends in with what else you are wearing,” according to its creators.

It began in 2005 as an industrial design master’s thesis, and after seven years, Hövding is in production and for sale to the general public. The only problems: it will cost you a cool $600, and it’s a one-shot deal–in the event that you do get in an accident wearing your invisible bike helmet, you’ll have to return it to the manufacturer and purchase a new one.

That’s all I’m going to say. Check out the video and be charmed by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, the helmet’s creators. It runs a little long, but be sure to watch it to the end–seeing Hövding in action is worth it