Bergen Street Bike Lane Is Back, With a Little Help From NYPD

11.23.12 Andy Cush

Back in August, we mentioned that a renegade biker had set up a DIY bike lane barrier in front of the 78th precinct stationhouse on Bergen Street, citing an abundance of cop cars parking in the lane and blocking their way. That impromptu protection eventually came down, but now it’s back–courtesy of the NYPD.

Apparently, it’s not just police cruisers who park in the lane, and the cops wanted to protect bikers from all of the other motorists. “We put them up ourselves because there were people parking there,” said a police source from the precinct. “A lot of people would pull up, run into the corner bodega real quick and leave their car in the bike lane, so we just threw that barricade up to prevent that from happening.”

However, the barrier won’t stop cops from parking in the bike lane–but only when they absolutely have to, the source said.

Brooklyn biker Eric McClure was keen to the sense of compromise, but hoped a long-term solution could be found. “I don’t think anybody on a bike begrudges a police officer for parking in a bike lane in an emergency situation,” he said. “But I would hope that the precinct working in partnership with the [city] and community members can find a long-term solution to parking so they don’t have to park in the bike lane.”

Happy belated Thanksgiving, Brooklyn! Maybe we can all get along.

(Photo: Jeffrey Pott/Flickr)