Wow. That girl’s face is messed up. How’d that happen?

Meet Spanish street artist Vermibus. First, he gathers advert posters from the street, amassing a collection he’ll later take back to his studio to be modified. There, he uses a solvent to dissolve the faces of any models (in this case Lana del Ray) or brand logos featured in the ad. Once satisfied with his work, he reintroduces the posters into their native urban habitat, where they often remain untouched for months. According to his Vimeo profile, in doing so, he “hijacks the publicity, and its purpose.”

Vermibus is a fresh new addition to the European street art scene. The 25-year-old artist who hails from Majorca, is best known for his adbusting interventions on the streets of Berlin. Though he has been attacking and manipulating adverts for over a year now, he has managed to stay pretty much under the radar. Berlin Photographer Just, however, was given a rare peek into a day in the life of Vermibus. As part of of his street art series “On the Run,” Just followed Vermibus’ trail, photo-documenting the process behind his subversive works. Enjoy.

(Photos: Just Website)