With the lower half of Manhattan still out of power, substantial dammage sustained by LES homes, businesses and art galleries and most key trains still down after Hurricane Sandy, New Yorkers are finding scrappy ways they can to rebuild society, starting with… charging their cell phones.

Because we all can’t just come to Cory Booker’s house for a sleepoever, makeshift power-stations have been set up around Lower Manhattan including this one on Avenue C. Thanks to the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space (MoRUS), the magic Energy Bike hybrid was one of the art pieces rescued after Sandy flooded their basements and was promptly put to work in the community. The same Time’s Up! bike-run generator came in handy during the freezing winter at Occupy Wall Street.

Austin Horse sends ANIMAL these photos and spreads the word that the energy bikes will be at ABC No Rio today, along with free food. Solidarity!

 (Photos: Austin Horse, Video: EV Grieve)