Why pay $60 for a tune-up at your LBS (local bike shop) when you can get all the help you need for free? Wouldn’t it be nicer to get your hands dirty and with proper direction? Well, thanks to the OWSBIKECOALITION (Occupy Wall Street Bike Coalition) you can.

They’ll be offering free bike repairs every day, regardless of whether or not your bike’s even mobile. If it’s not (mobile), you can tweet @owsbc on Thursdays between 4pm – 7pm and they’ll send you a #bikedoctor at no charge.

Otherwise you can ride over to Continental Army Plaza (South S 4th St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn) every Wednesday and Friday between 12pm – 7pm and more in-depth training and repairs.

According to Brokelyn, if you bring by an old beater they’ll take it off your hands, shine it up and give it to an activist.

And should you be so gracious, OWSBC could use your help. Donate or barter your old bicycles or components, money, time or expertise. Find out more at http://owsbc.org/