Tom Olesnevich is a New York-based photographer and avid cyclist who is about to make every photo gear junkie’s groan in psychological pain. In his recent project titled “NYC By Bike,” Olesnevich shows us what the busiest city in the world looks like from the perspective of his rear bike wheel. How? By sticking his Nikon D40 (gulp) upside down to his bike with a GorillaPod, oh dear God.

Olesnevich, who is a sports photographer by trade, is not new to subjecting his gear to unusual conditions. He used an infrared remote to trigger the shooting mode, capturing some unexpectedly well framed shots. And if you were wondering, how many precious cameras he destroyed during the process, we are glad to inform you
that DSLR are apparently a lot stronger than they appear, how else could you explain the Olesnevich following account.

I’m riding west along 42nd street fairly quickly when I hear a clunk. I quickly stop and turn around just in time to see my camera go tumbling down the street, under a semi. Thankfully it kept right on tumbling under the truck and popped out the other side, only slightly worse for wear! That put an end to shooting that day, ha!

Kids, don’t try this at home.