Only 64% of New York City’s public school classrooms are air conditioned, and yes, the city’s 1.1 million school kids are still in school for another week. At a press conference yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg expressed little sympathy for those students in brick oven classrooms, insisting the weather and their lack of AC does not get anyone out of exams. Sounding a bit like Archie Bunker, Bloomberg said, “Life is full of challenges…If they can’t pass these tests, they’re not going to pass life’s tests and then they are really going to be in trouble.”

The irony, of course, is that Mayor Bloomberg delivered these comments at a press conference promoting the several cooling stations installed throughout the city. When this irony was pointed out to him, Bloomberg snapped, “I don’t know quite how to answer your question,” he said. “Life is full of challenges, and we don’t have everything we want. We can’t afford everything we want.”

In the end, Bloomberg is probably pretty correct on this one. Students have been without air conditioning for generations. But did he have to sound like such a dick? (Photo: superk8nyc/Flickr)