Momenta Gallery in Bushwick doesn’t hide the fact that it’s funded, in part, by Bloomberg Philanthropies. Yet, the gallery opened its doors to the Occupy Museums group and here’s their latest addition: an effigy, or possibly, a piñata of Mayor Bloomberg.

The entire exhibition is, in fact, a project dedicated to critically examining existing facts about the Bloomberg powerhouse, its philanthropy functions and art world influence within the construct of an art show. It’s entitled Occupy Your BFF (Bloomberg Family Foundation). The context alone should hint they’re probably not singing the Mayor’s praises, albeit, to note, the current project page of the website doesn’t include any mention of “Occupy Your BFF.” Could it have been amended?

It seems that the choice of topic has already caused some problems, as an unnamed board member has left the board. Art Fag City argues it is most likely Laurence Mascera, whose wife has been working for Bloomberg since January, noting that he departed before Friday’s “Big Philanthropy and the Bloomberg Family Foundation: Whom does it benefit?” Occupy Museums panel, where it could have been itsy-bitsy tense. It looks like the Bloomberg was prepared specifically for the occasion.

ANIMAL has confirmed with Momenta Gallery that this Bloomberg effigy is indeed hanging in the space and, also, through other sources, that is a recent addition. Smells like fracas!

(Photo: Instagram/Levy’s Unique Ny)