When asked Tuesday, Micahel Bloomberg said he “hadn’t decided” whether he’d use any of his newly-formed super PAC‘s generous endowment towards funding a candidate in next year’s mayoral election. This is both a frightening prospect and a handy demonstration of what’s gotten everybody so riled up about super PACs in general. As a private citizen, Bloomberg would be extremely limited in what kind of campaign donations he’d be able to make to any politician. As the head of a Super PAC, however, he’ll be able to donate any quantity he wants, to support whomever he wants–including his potential successor.

The anxiety over people allowing people to donate whatever they want to election candidates becomes excruciatingly clear when it’s the billionaire mayor of a city funding campaign ads for whomever he chooses to replace him. It’s even scarier when you consider that police commissioner and friend-of-the-mayor Ray Kelly may throw his hat into the ring next year.

Public advocate Bill de Blasio hit the nail on the head with his remarks on the situation. “Another election spending binge is the last thing New York City needs from its mayor,” he said. “Ultimately, I think the people of this city want their voices to be heard and will reject any attempt to drown them out.”

(Photo: MATEUS_27:24&25/Flickr)