Bloomberg Trying Desperately to Stay Cool

Days after telling New York City school kids to suck it up, Mayor Bloomberg has been spotted employing this ridiculous contraption to keep his gigantic SUV cool while it’s not running. His security entourage has hooked up a household air conditioner to some kind post on wheels. While the mayor is in City Hall or wherever, they sort of scoot the AC unit up to the open window of the car, and, using a series of what must be insanely long electrical cords, blast cold air into the vehicle. It looks absurd. Like some sort of hidden camera prank. The New York Post even has video:

He’s been criticized in the past for letting the mayoral vehicles idle with the air conditioning running––New York has some of the strictest idling laws in country––so I guess he figured this was an ideal alternative. But could this really be significantly “easier” on the environment? It’s certainly no more energy efficient if we’re taking human energy into the equation. “There is far less emissions [sic] corresponding to the power of a single air conditioner on the grid than idling a V-8 engine,” said mayoral spokesperson Stu Loeser, which is, evidently, his real name. Okay, I believe you. Loeser.

Evidently, the goofy set-up is for extreme cases only. “This is an experiment to be used on extremely hot days like the types we saw last week,” said Loeser. Oh, you mean like last Wednesday, when public school was still in session and kids were taking tests in three-digit heat? Maybe Mayor Bloomberg should take some of his own advice: “Life is full of challenges, and we don’t have everything we want. We can’t afford everything we want.” (Photo: NAME/Flickr)

(Photo: Litlnemo, who has, evidently, tried this method)