When they’re not busy making rainbows for the Standard Hotel or fashioning props for Gossip Girl, The Art Production Fund (APF) spends its time coming up with new ways to align au courant art with other outdated brands. Their latest project? A series of water bottles sponsored by the Tommy Hilfiger group, featuring works by famous artists. For a mere $28, you can now own your very own Marilyn Minter, Raymond Pettibon, or Joseph Kosuth h20 caddy to help you brave the absolutely oppressive December heat and swarms of culture vultures at Art Basel Miami this year.

Previously, the APF collaborated with Yoko Ono to create a sold-out waterbottle for the London Olympics featuring the words “Imagine Peace” in various languages. Director of APF Casey Fremont described the project in plain terms to the Miami New Times , explaining that “With all of our WOW products, the artists we choose are inspired by the opportunity to design a functional object. For the water bottles, we selected a group of artists that we felt would respond to the theme of water with both accessible and thought provoking imagery.”

According to the New Times, the bottles feature ” a close-up of ruby red lips and vivid white teeth encasing a diamond,”(Minter) “a water-related poem framed by fluid blue illustration”(Pettibon) and a “diagram of redundancy” (Kosuth). No offense to the artists, but really the images seem neither though-provoking nor in any way related to water. But hey, if you’re still convinced you absolutely need one for your collection, the bottles will be on sale at the Standard Spa throughout during the week of Basel.

(Photo: Miami New Times Blog)