From all the iconic images that emerged out of the Egyptian revolution last year, the photograph of a protestor kissing a riot police officer in the midst of chaos is one of the most memorable. It’s now been appropriated by BR1 for his latest piece After the Kiss, The Treason in Paris.

But in After the Kiss, The Treason, the policeman helmet has a ‘US’ stamp. Wait, what?

In an accompanying blog post for this peace BR1 elaborated on the connection that needed an explanation:

There are geopolitical theories that support a plausible thesis: behind the revolts in the Arab spring countries there are the support and the economical influence of USA. The population of those countries struggle for democracy and freedom, but the shadow of an economical supremacy is more and more actual: the USA, in the name of democracy and free trade, supported revolts against Ben Ali, Mubarak, Geddhafi in order to avoid that Middle East fall under Russian or Chinese control and to have access to the energetical resources of North Africa.