The Godfather of ambient music, Mr. Brian Eno, dropped his first solo album in seven years on Tuesday. The record, entitled “Lux”, is a 75 minute-long composition divided into 4 parts; Pitchfork calls it “clear and bright”, with “crisp higher harmonics”.

The ever-experimental singer/instrumentalist/producer-at-large came up with a new way to allow his fans to interact with his work: a day-long, worldwide audiovisual event. Here’s the plan: Eno will live-stream his album for free four times tomorrow, Saturday the 17th. Listeners are then invited “to take photos wherever they are, and upload onto the site or send in, as part of an evolving public audio-visual project” he has dubbed the “Day of Light” (via

In keeping with the light theme, the photos curated by Eno’s team in real-time will reflect the changing light as they are broadcasted in conjuncted with the album. Don’t miss a good opportunity to turn on, tune in, drop out — mind-altering substances not included.

(Photo: Album Artwork for “Lux” via The Journal of Music)