New York City’s nearly forgotten “Miss Subways” program, which featured posters that hung in every Subway car, each highlighting a woman for her beauty and intellectual and professional prowess, ended nearly 30 years ago. The last we heard of the “Miss Subways” contest, photographer Fiona Gardner and journalist Amy Zimmer hoped to memorialize it by finding the women who were featured decades ago and interviewing and photographing them today.

Now, inspired by Gardner and Zimmer’s work, Time Out New York and the Transit Museum are reinstating the program with a modern twist. Time Out will take pictures of women and men–the first “Mister Subways” –who enter the contest at the Bus Festival on September 30 and the Dumbo Arts Festival September 28-30. Time Out will chose 10 finalists, who will then be voted on by the public. “New Yorkers love the antique, the kitsch, all the things that make up quintessential New York,” said transit Museum spokeswoman Marcia Ely of the contest. “This contest is a fun, informal way to flash back to earlier times and remember what makes New York so great.”

(Photo: Fiona Gardner)