The residents of a New York City Housing Authority Development in the Bronx have a laundry facility in their building. But its tenants, all senior citizens, have been forced to go elsewhere to take care of their laundry, as the machines have been broken. For a year. And the NYCHA will not fix them, relying instead on a piece of paper that says that at least one washer and dryer of the two in the building works just fine.

They did, however, say they would be “meeting with the vendor this week”. But washing machines aren’t the only thing the NYCHA came under fire for this weekend.

Brooklyn Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries “is demanding that the feds launch an immediate probe into the city Housing Authority’s inability to aggressively spend taxpayer money it’s given for crucial apartment repairs and security cameras”, the Daily News reports.

According to the News, there is a two-year backlog of 10,000 “serious maintenance requests” and nearly $1 billion in unspent federal repair funds the Authority is just sitting on.

Maybe a few of those dollars can take care of that laundry problem.

(Photo: jasoneppink/Flickr)