The erotic knight alien from the future cybergothing with Grimes in that desert video has her own video, you guys — “Das Me.” Watch Brooke Candy twerk adequately while menacing you with foot-long nails and threatening to cut your dick down a notch.

There’s certainly something mesmerizing about her unbridled flamboyance and brash, unabashed social critique: “Time to take the word back. ‘Slut’ is now a compliment — a sexy ass female who’s running shit and confident.” Alright!

But um… Ok, so are we treading into some racial contrasts here? Because there are two entourages here. It’s a good thing that “street” entourage — the entourage not hanging out on Rodeo Drive and not eating pills and nuzzling up breastoids in the hot-tub, you know, the black people in the video — have a wheelchair, because those club kid revivalist platforms are just too damn ill to walk about in all the time, ya feel me?


Ok, here’s more stuff. You take it from here.

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